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MetaHumans and Unreal Engine

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When I first played Resident Evil on Playstation 1 I thought these graphics are amazing. It’s not going to get better than this. Like we hit an apex.

Then I played Uncharted 1, 2, and 3 and thought again ok this it. We’ve hit a new apex. Right? Could playable characters get better than this? I think not.

Wrong again. Now with MetaHuman, developers are able to create high-end digital humans. The term high end is really an understatement. To me, it’s hard to tell the difference between MetaHuman models and real-life actors.

According to Unreal Engine MetaHuman’s Creator is “a cloud-streamed app that takes real-time digital human creation from weeks or even months to less than an hour”.

AAA games are now in the grasp of every indie developer. Please visit the Unreal Engine MetaHuman page to download a free sample project.

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