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How to Update Your Playlist from iTunes 12 to Your iPhone

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First, why is this post even necessary? It is though.  Even though Apple is on it’s 12th incarnation of iTunes it’s not that simple to get your playlist from your computer to your phone.

Ok let’s jump into this:

1. Connect your iPhone to your computer – open iTunes.

2. With your iphone now connected, click the little iPhone icon at the top left – just under the volume control.

3. It will now default to the summary.  On the left under summary select music

4. Now with music selected – on the right you will see a check box Sync Music. Check this

5. You may get a warning if you’ve synced up to another computer.  If you have and don’t mind syncing to the computer you just connected to, then move forward.  If not make sure you connect to a computer you’ve already connected with.

6. Whew ok now with that sync music checked go ahead and click on selected playlists.  Choose the playlist you want to sync up to your phone.

iTunes Playlist Hack

Here’s a quick HACK for you.  Back in iTunes, select the playlist you want to have on your iPhone.  Once selected CTRL-click on it choose SHARE then choose copy link.  Choose SHARE again and message your phone the link to the playlist.




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