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Developing Tech: Synthetic Biology

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Synthetic biology defined by Wikipedia as: Synthetic biology attempts to create new biological molecules and even novel living species capable of carrying out a range of important medical and industrial functions, from manufacturing pharmaceuticals to detoxifying polluted land and water.

Keep your eyes open for more in this field.  Especially:

1. Bio Fuels

2. Replicating Synthetic Rubber for Tires

3. Bio Acrylic

These synthetic advances help our environment by not using our earth’s limited resources.
Creating computational synthetic biology could save a life.  If you could program a synthetic device to determine when a diabetic’s blood sugar gets to low or high it could regulate the sugars correctly.  Diabetics do have access to a pump that eliminates shots but it doesn’t regulate the sugars on their own.

Possibly synthetic organs could be next such as a kidney, pancreas or liver.  It sounds sci-fi but it’s actually going to happen in the near future.

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