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Why Technology is Exploding on People?

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I’m not trying to imply popularity of technology. I mean it’s literally burning right up in front of people’s eyes. Devices burning up on desks, hands, boobs, (yes boobs) handbags, everywhere.

what’s happening here?… the batteries keep malfunctioning – exploding within the Galaxy 7. According the The Sun
Samsung is recommending to only use official Samsung chargers.

Really? Not accepting responsibility and just stressing it’s user error because of using a cheap charger is a complete cop out. How about it just doesn’t explode on people. Samsung in September of 2016 did start a informal recall.

If you still own a Galaxy Note just turn it back in see: RETURNS

FITBIT This just happened.. A woman from Wisconsin Nina Mitchell stated her FitBit just burned right up on her wrist.
She’s worried about having a permanent scar from the device.

FITBIT’s response? Hey it’s not our fault “External Forces” somehow caused her FitBit to explode. So is there a lightning storm that no one is aware of.
Was she sitting next to a fire and a exploding charcoal landed on her wrist? FitBit won’t say what the “external forces” are.



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