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Top 5 Gifts in Tech This Christmas

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Christmas time is upon us again. With all the decorating and shopping what are the best gifts for the person that loves technology in your life. Here’s our latest holiday gift list:

1. Bluetooth Beanie Hat for Running Amazon’s Choice
This seemingly normal beanie contains 2 headphone speakers within it’s seam. These connect wirelessly to any of your devices that have bluetooth. This item has gotten great reviews and looks sharp in my opinion.

2. Google Wifi Router Replacement Walmart’s Top Tech
Spotty internet connection around your home? This router replacement from Google will increase your connection for smooth surfing. I could definitely use this device. One drawback is the price $119. If it was priced just below a hundred it would make your holiday that much sweeter.

3. Acer Chromebook 15 Target’s Top Tech
Acer’s proven itself over the years to be fine computer at a great price. This Google Chromebook is no exception. Priced at $169 it’s a smoking good deal. I know with 3 kids of school age I wish I had a deal like this sooner.

4. Fujifilm Instax® Mini 9 Camera Michaels’ Tech
Tech and retro at the same time. Have fun this holiday season taking instant photos. The photos are the size of credit cards in high image quality. I own one of these and they’re a blast at holiday parties.

5. iPhone X Apple
No tech list would be complete without the latest release of the iPhone. Apple has created a remarkable product. Features include, facial recognition, studio lighting for camera, animated emojis and so much more.

Any of these as gifts will make your techie happy this holiday season.  Happy Holidays!!

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