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Apple’s Quest to Cure Diabetes

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When I think of Apple of course MacBook Pros come to mind or iPhones etc.  Now Apple is going into medical research particularly diabetes.  They have their own private/secret group of engineers outside Palo Alto campus working day and night on developing technology that can detect blood sugar levels, heart rate, and oxygen levels.  They are creating the next evolutionary step in technology that will be as much a necessity as cool piece of technology to own.

What your iWatch of the future may become a full health monitoring device.  Diabetes is a horrible disease.  I’ve seen my own family members struggle and it’s effects on them.  Blood sugars fluctuate and without your pancreas ability to stabilize blood sugars it causes blackouts at times and wreaks havoc on the body.

This secret project was originally started by Steve Jobs.  He had the vision of the future with medical/technology coming together to save lives.  Thankfully Tim Cook is making this dream of Steve’s a reality.

It’s been reported that this project has actually been around for 5 years – which is a good thing, we need this as soon as possible Apple.






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