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Unreal Engine 4 and Developing Games to Stream

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A Tsunami is about to hit with streaming games.  Of course there is PlayStaton Now and Steam for online gaming.  But soon there will be Apple’s Arcade, Google’s Stadia, and Amazon’s Gaming. Rumor has it that Verizon is creating a gaming service as well.  So many companies competing to be the next Netflix of gaming.

There’s never been a better time to develop AAA games and have instant distribution.  With that being said, there’s a need for the best gaming engine to develop these games.  I believe that engine is Unreal Engine 4.  The engine editor is created by Epic Games.  They’ve made it free to download and use, only want 5% of game profits.  An amazing deal.

Indie game developers now have the power in their hands to create AAA games.  Very similar feel to when Apple developed Final Cut Pro for filmmaking.  Take some time and visit https://epicgames.com

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