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Which Has a Better Personality Alexa or Siri

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Everything matters right?  Even the personality of your digital assistant?  Of course it does and after doing some research here’s a quick comparasion of Alexa’s personality over Siri.  Try these three questions/requests on Siri and Alexa yourself.

Apple’s Siri:

  1. If you swear while using Siri.  Siri will tell you to watch your language
  2. If you tell Siri I love you she’ll come back with a quick quip.
  3.  However Siri will not sing to you – will just make another joke back at you “singing is harder than I thought”

Amazon’s Alexa

  1. If you swear at Alexa she’ll respond with I do not know that.
  2. If you say I love you to Alexa she responds with a “I’m flattered, thank you”.
  3. If you ask Alexa to sing you a song she sings a song called “Technology”.

After hearing Alexa sing her song about technology – I have to say Alexa wins in the personality department.

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