Windows 8 Revealed

// November 23rd, 2012 // Tech

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With the new Windows 8 OS it is completely different from previous Windows 7 and Vista XP.  It is radically different.

1st it’s made for touchscreen interface along with keyboard or mouse.  It’s a game changer.  New programming is needed to run the OS correctly and Windows has their own Windows Store -Apps available mostly free.  There aren’t many at this time but more programmers will start creating to fill this need.

Windows 8 Start screen: After entering your password you get a very different start screen. Microsoft calls this start screen Modern UI meaning Modern User Interface.  It’s a tiled screen with each tile showing different information like weather, stock market, etc.  With each installed app comes a new tile.  With click and drag you can arrange the apps as you see fit.

Completely different right?  Here’s an interface that allows you to see multiple apps running at the same time.  My iPad can’t do that.

Windows 8 Charm Bar:  With a swipe of finger in the right edge will activate it.  Mouse click in bottom new hot corners to activate also.  Here search, share, start devices, and settings.

The new interface is clean and elegant.  I can’t help but think that Windows was inspired once again by Apple’s iOS. Windows is trying to catch up to Apple.  Either way it’s beautiful interface and makes you feel that it is indeed 2012.

MS DOS anyone?

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