P.M.S. Paranormal Management Services

// December 13th, 2012 // Final Cut Pro

These posts will be many in a series detailing the work of P.M.S. Paranormal Management Services

By Sonjah Patti, Writer and Executive Producer of P.M.S.

Why did I write P.M.S.?

Growing up, I had my share of  coming into contact with things that I can’t explain or having feelings of foreboding about places. I was scared. Now, I find watching people “ghost hunt” on TV makes me laugh my ass off. I found the looks on their faces when confronted with supernatural events or apparitions humorous.
P.M.S. or Paranormal Management Services happened 3 years ago when my mom passed away. I was in a funk that was debilitating. I couldn’t write anything. One night when I sat down to watch some cable, I saw several shows that dealth with the afterlife which made me feel better about my faith and in the afterlife. I found myself laughing to the point my sides hurt. Several of these groups where experiencing on the job training when pissing off the afterlife. Some groups wanted to help the lost souls go on. Other groups did what ever they could to antagonize spirits and causing a reaction to it good or bad. I though how funny it would be to see a group of newbies get thrown into a situation they aren’t prepared for emotionally or have no knowledge of it’s consequences. Call me haunted, I had enough fuel for a full length film. I cut it down to a short to film quickly. That is where this adventure to make a good independent short with RiglerDigital began.

Enjoy Episode 1: The Man With P.M.S.

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