Another Behind the Scenes Look At Paranormal Management Services

// December 17th, 2012 // Final Cut Pro

By Sonjah Patti, Executive Producer and Writer of P.M.S.

I wanted to make the smaller more condensed version of P.M.S because the story itself was so potent that in 12 pages people would be captivated and want to see more. Who am I kidding, I just didn`t have the money to do the full length. I sold my just paid off car new car, bought a 2000 Honda Prelude, and put the rest of the money in the bank to make this happen. It was going to be a small budget but a budget non the less. Then, life happened again. I had gotten word that my spouse and I had the opportunity to adopt which costs money. Adoption was another dream I had. My small budget went to micro budget because it got cut in half. Luckily, I was was prepared for the shoot mentally and the possible adoption.

With the micro budget came changes. Jo Sparkes, my writing editor and teacher helped me be able to handle the dreaded rewrite. Things had to change to fit the budget. I loved my story and didn`t want it to change. The story didn`t have to just some aspects for financial reasons. Jo’s book “Feedback, How to Give it How to Get it,” was a good reminder that having to change should not be taken personal. There is a difference in changing something because you “feel” you want to and shit I have to. Here I could walk away and keep my story as is, and as it is never get made. I could make some changes and watch it grow.

So, the flying back and forth from Phoenix to Los Angeles for planning with Jeff at Rigler Digital began. At the same time, the flying back and forth from Phoenix to San Francisco for a possible adoption began. I was racking up the frequent flier miles.

Enjoy Episode 2


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